We provide following certified measurements:

Flow rate of air in the ducts, up to 50 m/s, ± 5%.
Mean air velocity at work zone ± 0.01 m/s.
The volume of air flow in ducts, grilles and diffusers m³/h, ± 5%.
Room ventilation rate.
Air temperature, ± 0.1 ° C.
Relative static and dynamic pressure of the air up to 3400Pa, ± 0.5%.
Relative humidity, ± 1%.
The volume flow of the heat transfer fluid on the control valves, ± 0,001 l/s.
The temperature of the heat transfer fluid (water, glycol), ± 0,1% ° C.
Power of heaters, convectors, radiators, ± 1 kW.
The surface temperature by infrared thermometer, ± 0.1 ° C.

  Create as-built drawings of the existing ventilation systems.
  We provide advices on the operation of systems.
  Checking the smoke exhaust systems and air overpressure systems.
  We carry out measures to reduce noise from the ventilation system.
  We make not certified measurements of the noise level.
  With smoke show the air circulation in the room and check the leakage of ducts.
  Check high-class laboratory filters (HEPA).

After these measurements and inspection of ventilation, heating or air conditioning, we issue a protocol with actual measurements, flaws in the system and recommendations for further improvement of systems.

Our principal activity - balancing and certification of ventilation systems for commissioning in accordance with the Latvian standards (LVS EN 12599 / AC).

Our firm does not pursue the following activities:
• Any type of assembly work.
• Purchase of materials, machines and air conditioners.
• Check the operation of automation systems and BMS.
• Filling hydraulic systems.
• Check the operation of fire extinguishing systems.
• Clean air ducts.